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  1. Get paid $$ to recycle your refrigerator!

    January 21, 2012 by Karl

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    Once freon came into the public eye as an atmosphere contaminate about 20 years ago, it started costing the average home owner anywhere from $25 to $75 to have a refrigerator, freezer, or air conditioner picked up from the curb. Now your electric company may actually pay you to pick it up and recycle it!

    Many of the electric utility companies are now offering rebates and incentives to make the move to more energy-efficient appliances.

    Check out PPL’s appliance recycling program HERE. Other electric companies across the country have similar programs.  Check with your local electricity provider, to see if they have a similar program!

    PECO has incentives on the buying side HERE.

    Also, please check out the Energystar link HERE for more information.

  2. Verizon added security encryption to email

    January 5, 2012 by Karl

    Verizon email has finally added security encryption! For years, if you had Verizon as your email service provider, they did not have encryption built into their POP3 setup. This means that if you used MS Outlook, or Mozilla Thunderbird, or some other email application on your computer to download emails, they were not very secure. Well, now they have added encryption, but you need to change your settings in your email application in order for it to start working.

    Change your Incoming Server: – port to 995 with SSL security encryption.
    Change your Outgoing Server: – port to 465 with SSL security encryption.

    In Thunderbird:

    1) Go to  tools/account settings.

    2) In the left panel, select server settings.

    3) In the right panel, change your incoming server / port as indicated above.  Make sure you select SSL/TSL in connection security!

    4) In the left panel, scroll down and select outgoing server.

    5) In the right panel, change your outgoing server / port as indicated above.  Make sure you select SSL/TSL in connection security!

    6) Click the OK button to save your recent changes.


    This will keep your email address from being compromised and your emails more secure.