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July, 2012

  1. 10 tips to save money moving

    July 10, 2012 by Karl

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    In this article I will outline 10 different ways to save money moving from one home to another.  We recently moved in a harrowing journey from Pennsylvania to Indiana.  It is amazing how much stuff you can accumulate in your house during the time that you live there.  Getting it all moved safely and inexpensively is quite a challenge.  Hopefully the research I did along the way will be helpful to The Frugal Berry readers.

    1. Do not pay for boxes.  Many stores will give you boxes for free.  The local liquor/packaging store usually has lots of boxes that are the perfect size for books.  They love to have people come and take their empty boxes so they don’t need to break them down for the trash.  Also, check with your local CVS or food store.  All these places are a great source for empty boxes.  Make sure you call ahead first so you are not wasting time and gas on places that don’t have any boxes at the moment or have a cardboard bailing machine which crushes their boxes.
    2. Label your boxes well to make the sorting job easier at the other end.  Each box should be labeled with the room it should be placed in at the new location.  If you are using boxes with a lot of writing on them already, place masking tape on the top of the box and write on the masking tape with a black magic marker.
    3. Check with your local newspaper to see if they have end rolls of paper that you can use for packing.  Most large-scale printers use massive rolls of paper for their printing operation.  They stop the machines before the roll runs out, and the remainder is thrown away.  A simple call to the newspaper can be very useful for finding packing material.
    4. Borrow or rent a truck.  If you can rent from a friend it will save you money.  If you rent from a dealer, here are a few rules: U-Haul is best for one way rental.  Ryder does not provide one way service.  They are best for local moves where you can return the truck to the same location when finished.
    5. If you are moving a lot of stuff or long distances, consider using PODS or Pack Rat to deliver a shipping container to your home.  Then you can take your time packing it.  They will pick up the packed container and deliver it to your new location, allowing you to pack and unpack at your convenience.  You can even rent the container for a few months of storage if needed.  Unfortunately, they do not service all areas of the country.  An alternative to PODS and Pack Rat is Mobile Mini.  Mobile Mini provides international shipping containers up to 40 feet long for inexpensive storage.  Some truckers will pick them up and haul them on a roll-back truck to your new location.
    6. ABF also has reasonable rates for dropping off a trailer for you to pack, moving it to the new location, and even reasonable monthly storage rates if you are going to be in limbo before you find your new home.
    7. Use your own blankets, sheets, pillows, furniture cushions, and coats for padding around furniture.  Renting blankets for packing the truck will increase your costs.
    8. Borrow dollies and hand trucks from friends who may have them.  This will help the move go faster, and save the fee of renting them.
    9. As you pack, sort through the stuff that you have.  Make sure you are only moving the stuff that you really need and want.  Give away what you don’t want to the local thrift shop.
    10. Of course, recruit an army of trusted volunteers to help you pack, load, and unload at the other end.  This is where belonging to a church or community organization can really pay off.
    We ended up using a 40 foot Mobile Mini shipping container to transport our stuff.  The container was dropped off on a Monday night, and picked up on a Thursday night.  This gave us plenty of time to pack it tight.  The container was placed in storage locally until we called our driver to deliver it to us.  This ended up being our best and cheapest option for moving.
    I love comments!  If you have some good advice on moving please comment about it, and I may include it in the list!  Also check out my other articles on how to save money doing lots of different things.