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Make money surfing the web…… why not?

January 4, 2012 by Karl

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In this article you will learn how to make money while surfing the internet like you do every day.  Make enough to pay for Christmas at the end of the year!

This is not a scam! I have been doing this for over a year, and it really works!

Several of these “search & win” sites exist.  The most noteworthy are Swagbucks and Zoombucks.  If you want to get your feet wet in this, open up a Swagbucks account and see how quickly you can earn some money.

Here’s the way it works in general:

Open up an account, do your normal website searching through either of these sites, and watch how quickly you can start winning “bucks”.  Now typically it doesn’t add up to a whole lot, about 30 cents a day in real dollars, but 30 cents ads up, and before you know it, you can cash in your “bucks” for Amazon Gift Cards (or some of the other “prizes” they want to sell you).

Both Swagbucks and Zoombucks have the same basic exchange rate where one “buck” equals about 1 penny (more or less).  With Swagbucks, you need to have 450 “swagbucks” to cash in for a $5 Amazon Gift Card.  It typically takes about a week for the gift card to show up in your account.  Then you take it to Amazon, and use it to purchase what ever you want.  There is no limit to the number of gift cards you can use in one Amazon purchase, so you can build them up and use them to buy the family a nice gift at the end of the year.  I know a few people who have used nothing but Amazon Gift Cards to fund their Christmas.

With Zoombucks you need to get 1000 “zoombucks” in order to receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card.  With a new account you actually need to reach 2000 zoombucks before you can cash in any points, so it can take a while.  Zoombucks also take longer to build.  If you are only collecting zoombucks through searching, you will typically only make about 4 to 5 zoombucks a day.  That’s a lot of days to add up to anything.

Both sites also have other ways to make money, usually through signing up for things, watching their version of TV, or answering surveys.  I don’t bother wasting my time with these.  If you think about how much you make answering a 30 minute survey (usually about 50 cents) that’s about $1 per hour.  Not worth any rational person’s time, but some people become addicted to “winning” these bucks.

Both sites also allow you to make money by promoting their sites.  I will make a few “bucks” if you sign up through one of the links I have provided.  You can too, if you get others to sign up through you.

Both sites also offer toolbars for your web browser, with a nice simple search window, but they are not necessary if you don’t like having things cluttering up the top of your browser.

Here’s my routine.  Every morning, I spend about 5 minutes winning a few swagbucks and zoombucks.  Then throughout the day my wife and daughter do some quick searches to win some bucks on their computers (tied into the same account).  Then I usually try again at night.  That’s it.  It builds up.

Here’s a few hints.  With swagbucks, you usually don’t win more than once every two hours or so.  So I do a few quick searches until I win, and then stop for a while.  With zoombucks you will only win once a day or so.  If you don’t win on the first search of the day don’t waste any more time.

That’s all there is to it!  Happy searching (and winning)!


Search & Win Zoombucks


  1. suzane says:

    what is the difference between winning and earning via points? Tell me more….

    • Karl says:

      I’m not familiar with earning via points. Can you tell me where you are getting that terminology? My guess off the cuff is that it’s all the same thing.

  2. Tasha says:

    Thanks for the information. I enjoy your videos.

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