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Free Calling with Google Voice…..

December 28, 2011 by Karl

….. but wait! There’s More!

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In this article, you will find out how to make free phone calls with your land line to anywhere in the United States, using Google Voice.  The thrifty & frugal minded, can also use this to completely discard their local phone bill while still maintaining their land line in their house.

Google Voice, launched in March of 2009, is an internet based telecommunications system that allows for free calling to US residents within the US and Canada.  It is designed to work in conjunction with your internet based smart phone, or computer to make calls through the internet, not the phone company.  If you already have a calling plan with your smart phone that has unlimited calling, this may not interest you……… or does it?

Many people have ditched their land lines because it doesn’t make sense to pay two phone bills.  But now, if you have a broadband internet service, you can tie that back into your existing phone line in the house to make free calls.  Google also assigns you a new number that will dial this new “land line” phone in your house.  The new Google number can be configured to call your home phone and cell phone at the same time.  It can be set up to translate voice messages to email or text messages.  This is a truly remarkable tool in itself.

First let me be clear.  Google’s service only works through the internet, however it can make calls to any land line in the world (for a fee outside the US).  With the purchase of a small little box that plugs into a standard telephone, it can also tie into your land line so that you can make outgoing calls just like you normally would with your land line, all for free within the US.  What does this mean?  Well, it means that you can now have your land line back without the cost!  If you still have a land line, you can tie this device in to Google Voice and your normal phone service so that your outgoing long distance calls will be free!

The device to do this is called the OBi110, and you can purchase it through Amazon for 49.99.  You can often find coupon codes to lower the price to $43.99.  I will try to keep this post updated with any available coupon codes.

The down side?  Well, the only downsides are the price of the OBi110, and Google Voice does not provide 911 service, but you can get this service through other providers such as for $1.50 per month.  You can also tie this service into the OBi110.  This device is truly amazing.  I have one now, and plan on purchasing another one to have an additional line out of the house.  Our land line bill will be going away completely in the next month, once we get our business and fax line switched over.  That’s over $50 per month that we will not be sending out the door.

The first step (which is entirely free) is to set up a Google Voice account, to see how it all works.  Once you have done that, and you are happy with the voice quality and reliability of the service, take the next step and buy the OBi110 device.  You will not regret it.

One last comment.  Google Voice’s free phone calls are subject to change, but currently they are offering the free service through 2012 (just extended).  I suspect they will be extending this again into the far distant future.

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