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  1. Low cost cell phone option

    May 21, 2013 by Karl

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    If you just want basic cell phone service without the bells and whistles, then this article is for you. Page Plus wireless is one of the cheapest services out there.

    I use my cell phone as a cell phone only. I don’t text, and I rarely use it for internet (only when connected to WiFi). For years I had a flip phone that I used with a Tracfone prepay one year card, It cost me $99 per year for 800 or so minutes. I only used about 500 minutes a year, and I never texted.

    When my cell phone died, it was time to check out other options.  I discovered that flip phones are almost more expensive than the smart phones now, but I refused to pay $50 or more a month for a cell phone service that I knew I wouldn’t use.  I found Page Plus to be my best option (purchased through Kitty Wireless).

    I should tell you in advance that using Kitty Wireless is not for the faint at heart. If you no longer have a fixed land-line for them to verify your contact information, Kitty Wireless won’t work with you. They simply will not open an account for you. I don’t have a “land-line” (I use VOIP for my home and business lines), but I was able to get a referral from an existing customer of theirs (my nephew), who has been using them for over three years. It was a hassle, but they finally set up an account for me. Also, before you set up an account with them, you need to buy a phone. Here you have the option of buying one of their phones, or buying from someone else (only the select models that they have approved). I wasn’t too picky here, so I ordered one from and set it up with their service once I received it.

    Kitty Wireless has several service plans, but I only wanted the basic yearly service, which cost me $80.00 for the year and includes 2000 minutes.  This is a much cheaper service than Tracfone, and with Kitty, they will automatically refill my phone for me when the year is up (one of their options).  I have been using the service for about six months now and haven’t had a single problem.

    You can buy service directly from Page Plus, but you can only get the $80/year plan through Kitty Wireless.

    Please check out their coverage map before making a decision.