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  1. How to make your own deodorant

    February 2, 2012 by Karl

    Deodorant berry berry berry berry berry

    In this post you will learn how to make stick deodorant.  This will save you money by saving your health.

    I should start off by saying, everything (well almost everything) that I know about home-made deodorant, I learned from my new friend Sarah Herr, who gave me permission to post what she told me.  Thanks Sarah!

    All ingredients should be available locally, but if you want to do it right, you should use nothing but virgin organic coconut oil.  As far as I know the only place that you can get the virgin organic is from Tropical Traditions.


    1/4 c. arrowroot powder or cornstarch
    1/4 c. baking soda
    5 T. coconut oil
    2 T. beeswax pellets
    8 drops tea trea essential oil (or other essential oil), optional
    1/4 tsp. vitamin E liquid, optional (helps to make it slide on smoother)

    Here’s my video:


    Make sure you clean the old junk out of your deodorant container.  I just pour hot water over them for about 5 minutes until most of it has gone down the drain, and then clean up with a paper towel.

    You may have trouble with some deodorant containers.  Not all of them are made to be filled with a fully liquid mixture (holes will allow it to leak).  Also some of the containers only allow the plastic lift mechanism to go down half way, leaving the lower half of the container being filled with stuff that won’t be used.  In this situation, I recommend that you wait for the mixture to cool first.  Once it has hardened, you can use a spoon to press it into the container, which will not allow it to go into the places you don’t want it to go.

    Please be sure to check out the rest of the The Frugal Berry for other health / money-saving ideas.

    Also don’t be afraid to post a comment if you have questions. Thanks!

  2. Deodorant savings

    December 26, 2011 by Karl

    Deodorantberry berry berry berryberry

    Save money by collecting and re-using your deodorant stubs (ends).

    For years, every time I used a stick of deodorant, I would cringe when I threw away the container with that last little bit (nub) of deodorant on the stick.  It seemed like such a waste!  There must be some way to save it, or add it to the next stick.

    Well luckily over the years, through trial and reading others ideas on the subject, I have come up with what I think is the best solution for this problem:

    Take out that last nub from your deodorant container and place it in a zip freezer bag.  Do this with the next few nubs.  Depending on how much is left on your nubs, collect anywhere from 5 to 20 of these deodorant leftovers.  When you have enough, simply throw the bag in a bowl and melt them down in the microwave.  Be sure to place the bag in a bowl as a precaution in the unlikely event that the bag breaks.  Now pour the liquid content back into one of your old deodorant containers.  Be sure to put some plastic under the container as your pour.  Let the liquid cool for a few hours, and presto, you have a new container of deodorant!  Best of all, you haven’t thrown that last little bit into the land fill.